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VNI has 2 Retail Buying options. Full Retail, Preferred Customer.

To order at the full Retail Price go to Products

  • Click the blue "Buy Now" link for the item you want. When the pop-up box appears click to "purchase at regular price"  In this window select the number you want and click "add to cart"

  • Click, "Shopping Cart" (small blue link in the upper right corner). Now you can check out or click "Continue Shopping" and go to the page with all the VNI products that you can add to your cart and then check out.

To order as Preferred Customer and save about 10% go to the Products page

  • Click the blue "Buy Now" link for the item you want. When the pop-up box appears click to "purchase at regular price"​

  • At the top of the page you will see (in very small blue letters) "Log in and Create A New Account" NOTE: log in is where you will go when you return to make your 2nd purchase. For now, click the link Create A New Account.

  • Fill out your information in the required fields. You will see on the right a box introducing you to some of the advantages of being a "Preferred Customer".  Click the "Continue Shopping" link.  You should be on a page listing the items available for you to purchase.

  • Click an item and a page should open for you to add the number you want to your cart. Click "return" (very small blue link on the right. and you will be taken back to select another item or click "Shopping Cart" and check out.

If at any point, you are unsure on what to do. . . Call us.   Karl's Cell 801-226-3932, OR his upline -- 
the awesome: Ralph Reardon 812-288-6832 .


Here is the before and after of an individual who had a live blood cell analysis.
The video shows a "before" shot of what this individual's blood looks like.
Then the person is given 1 ounce of the Prodovite, rapidly absorbed liquid nutrition.
The Microscopist waits 5 minutes and then takes another blood sample. Wow!
Wait until you see the difference Prodovite makes!

Current staff members of our Academy have long recognized the need for powerful nutritional supplementation in todays world. So we are proud to introduce to you one of the most credible and powerful nutrition supplementation companies we have found so far.

​-- "Prodovite is the greatest break through in the history of human nutrition."
(Glenn Parnham director of research, International Health)

See the effects of Prodovite™ in only 5 minutes!

N-Sorb™ or Prodovite™ . . . The more I learn, makes me thankful that I'm able to take both every day.

​To Order & Take advantage of our 20% off offer
ENTER our Prodovite Website

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When we "Register" and become a VNI member not only do we get about a 20% discount on our products but we are also able to share the products and generate another form of income. 

Perhaps just enough income to offset the cost of our products. Maybe we could use a little additional income to help with whatever our personal goals are.

There is "NO" charge to Register, "NO" yearly fee, "NO" website fee, "NO" back office fee, with Victory Nutrition International. 

Currently, we are recommending registering and then logging into your personal VNI webpage to place your first order.

  • Go to . In the upper right hand corner of the page, Click Register Now. You will know you are on the correct page when it says "ecocell" on the top left side of the page.

  • In the Select Your Products section, select Free Enrollment with Welcome Kit -0.00

  • Automatic Shipment Setup Filling out this section, will set in place an auto ship. You will be able to manage, change, deactivate, activate, once your registration is completed and you log into your back office. Special Attention: If you choose, not to set up an auto ship during registration, you will need to call VNI to have one set up.  If you selected "Free Enrollment with Welcome Kit and skipped the auto ship". There is not any reason to fill out the credit card section, at this time.

  • Set up your Replicated Website is where you separate your website from all others. It is also where you will go to place your orders. Ours is EcoCell . Use something easy to type and meaningful to you, if possible.

  • Now that your registration is complete, go to your and log into your back office. Once in your back office, go to Main Menu, and click Shopping Cart. You are now on your order page.

If at any point, you are unsure on what to do. . . Call us.   Karl's Cell 801-226-3932, OR his upline --
the awesome: Ralph Reardon 812-288-6832 .

If someone, who is a VNI member, directed you to our page to see the videos, please visit their VNI replicated website to buy products or register. Following the links from this website will take you to our VNI replicated website.

Welcome:   This page has been specifically set up, to present informative videos about VNI's products and to help our visitors get a clear understanding of what they want and why before they ever go to our VNI replicated website.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. 

Prodovite™ or N-Sorb™ . . . The more I learn, makes me thankful that I'm able to take both every day.